London, United Kingdom 2018

London, United Kingdom 2018

The Art of Stopping Time


Photography, Cinematoraphy


Graphic design, Creative stuff


Hayley Le, a young photographer focusing on portraits and street style combined with the art of stopping time.


  • portraits/people (street style)
  • social interactions (events)
  • details (objects)
  • filmmaking 


Exploring the world, currently based in Helsinki (Finland) with a background in Czech Republic and roots in Vietnam.


Around the clock, best through phone & email.


Sharing my view of the world through the lenses give a happy feeling. And since I was going to commit to something that might last a lifetime, I wanted it to be fun, having a job that I would enjoy is important for me, and it should be for everyone. One of the main reasons was also that I didn't want a 9-5 job...


I was born in Vietnam but soon moved to a small town in Czech Republic where I spent most of my childhood. At 10 years old I moved to Helsinki along with my family and had to learn a whole new language and adapt to my new hometown. 

Through my teenage years, I enjoyed watching movies alone and scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard. My creativity grew but I didn’t do much about it. It was just there, in my head. On my 16th birthday I begged my parents to get me a DSLR, which I left dusty on the shelf for many years. Sophomore year of high school, after scrolling miles on Tumblr admiring the art of photography and dozens of movies. 

I finally gave photography a try and fell in love with the art of stopping time, forever. After many years of shooting my friends and people as a hobby, friends and strangers kept encouraging me into pursuing it as my job. I didn’t see myself as good enough to become a “photographer” but after my first gigs, it felt so good to be able to make money from what I loved to do. It hasn’t been long, but I’m learning and working hard to be able to afford to bring my creativity to life for a living.